Books authored by Jerry Slocum

The Anchor Puzzle Book, 2012


This book tells the amazing stories of 53 new puzzles made of stone. F. Ad. Richter began selling the first Anchor Stone puzzle in 1890, and the same puzzle is still being produced 120 years later. The first puzzle was the Chinese Tangram and it was so successful that Richter designed and produced four new puzzles within the next two years. His success was due to the attractive look and feel of the stones and by the beautiful graphics by the best German artists on the covers of the boxes and problem books.

This book is a journey of 120 years through the development of amazing puzzles during the turbulence of European history. It tells the stories of the puzzles and shows all of Richter’s puzzles and their many variations over the years, and it provides more than 650 problems for you to solve from 37 Anchor Stone puzzles.

And a DVD is included with the book that contains:

                                    ● KERAM, The Unknown Anchor Stone Factory

                                    ● All 4000 problems from the 53 puzzles, and their solutions

                                    ● Anchor Stone Puzzle Catalogs by Richter from 1890 to 1960

                                    ● Advertising the Anchor puzzle during 1891

                                    ● Drawings of Anchor Stones used for the puzzles

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The World's Best Paper Puzzles, 2011


Take a visually dazzling trip through time and around the world to discover some of the finest mechanical puzzles ever invented, from beloved classics like the Tangram, to newer inventions like the Jam, a sequential movement baffler. Eight physical puzzles are enclosed and ready to be solved. Instructions for how to make most of the puzzles in the book are also included and if you get stuck, the solutions are in the back of the book.

In the Forword, Martin Gardner describes the book and puzzles as “much more than just pages of Jack’s beautiful photographs of hundreds of mechanical puzzles from Jerry’s superb collection. Jerry not only provides the history, he also identifies the inventors. All of the book’s puzzles are easily constructed from cardboard.”

The Cube, 2009


Everything that you need to know to master the Cube is in this book. The Rubik’s Cube is the greatest puzzle of all time. Here five puzzle masters share their expertise on everything cube-related – Erno Rubik’s breakthrough design, the dozens of puzzles that it inspired, the Cube Craze, how to solve the puzzle, and more!

The Cube’s brand new, step-by-step instructions include hundreds of full-color illustrations that make solving the Cube easier than ever before. It includes solutions for 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4, 5x5x5 and the newest versions, 6x6x6 and 7x7x7.

The book is packed with hundreds of rare photographs of vintage puzzles, handcrafted cubes, and classic ‘80s merchandise. The Cube is the must have companion for anyone who wants to understand – and solve! – the ultimate brainteaser.

The 15 Puzzle Book, 2006


This book contains the definitive, illustrated history of one of the most popular and important mechanical puzzles of all time. It can be argued that the Fifteen Puzzle had the greatest impact on American and European society of any mechanical puzzle the world has ever known.

Books by famous mathematicians tell that a deaf mute invented the 15 puzzle, but encyclopedias, other books and web sites say it was invented by Sam Loyd who Martin Gardner called “America’s greatest puzzle designer”. Or has Sam Loyd, who also said he invented the puzzle, continued to fool the world for more than 100 years?

The true story of the puzzle is told here for the first time.

• The real inventor and his patent application records were found.

• The story of how the puzzle came to be manufactured.

• Proof that the 15 puzzle is mathematically impossible to solve.

• How a young New Yorker solved it.

• The worldwide puzzle craze that it created.

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or send a check in US$ to: Jerry Slocum, 257 South Palm Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA

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The Tangram Book, 2003


The first truly authoritative, lavishly photographed history of Tangrams – with more than 2,000 puzzles – reveals the beauty of this ancient Chinese art. The in-depth historical information comes from a Tangram museum owner and his research team, and they discovered many treasures, such as the Tangram sets used by Chinese mathematicians 2,200 years ago to test the Pythagorean theorem. You’ll see the Tangrams that Napoleon played with during his exile and find out how to arrange Tangram-shaped dinner tables for numerous themes.

Martin Gardner wrote in the Foreword: “Nobody, but nobody, knows more about mechanical puzzles than Jerry Slocum. Jerry’s indefatigable search for an authentic history of Tangrams took him around the world to explore libraries, museums, private collections and other archives. The little-known facts are all here, for the first time, in a wonderfully readable and richly illustrated volume. Also included are thousands of Tangram figures for you to solve. It will surely be the classic reference on the topic for many decades to come.”


Puzzles Old and New, 1986


Martin Gardner wrote in the Introduction: “Now for the first time in history, we have in this book by Jerry Slocum and Jack Botermans a comprehensive survey of mechanical puzzles. Most of the puzzles shown in this book are from Jerry’s collection. He has also done a massive amount of research on the puzzles and some of the results are included in this book. Unlike all previous books, this one aims to be complete by covering as many kinds of puzzles as possible within each category. It is a good bet that this elegant volume will go through many new editions and remain a classic reference for decades.”

Awards & Reviews

Ingenious & Diabolical Puzzles, 1994


Will Shortz, Puzzle Editor of the New York Times and Puzzlemaster of National Public Radio, wrote in the Introduction: “As in the authors’ previous books, Puzzles Old and New, and New Book of Puzzles, they have collected hundreds of hands-on brainteasers, both antique and modern, photographed them in beautiful color, and entertainingly described them, historically and otherwise. Much of the material has never appeared in print before. Whether you are a doer or merely an admirer, you’ll find a lot in this book to engage your mind.”


New Book of Puzzles, 1992

Description: Attention puzzle lovers: The creators of the best-selling Puzzles Old and New are back with another dazzling collection for puzzle fans of all ages. Here are 101 of the most tantalizing, ingenious, beautiful puzzles ever designed, all reproduced in magnificent color and each complete with east-to-follow instructions that let you create and solve them yourself.


Donald Knuth wrote in the Introduction: “The closing paragraph in Martin Gardner’s introduction to Jerry Slocum and Jack Boterman’s previous book, Puzzles Old and New, observed that ‘New mechanical puzzles are being invented every year and it will not be long before this elegant volume will be in need of updating.’ The present book, a worthy successor to the first fulfills that prediction while giving us and even better window on historical developments.”


Puzzle Arcade, 1996

Description: The Puzzle Arcade is the most overjammed, overstuffed, over-the-top collection of mechanical mysteries and puzzling perplexities that has ever been published in the history of puzzledom. In, on, under, around and through The Puzzle Arcade you will find scads of mechanical puzzles, riddles, mazes, mysteries, thought-provoking problems and at least two flat-out impossibilities. Naturally, this being a Klutz book, we’ve included reams of hints and an easy-reference answer page. (We’re not entirely heartless.) Our printer hates this book. It is a manufacturing nightmare. But we love it. We’ve never had more fun stuffing more crazy things into one book than we have with this one.

Awards & Reviews

Swipe This Pencil, 2003

Description: You can take this pencil off this book and you can put it back on – without scrunching, crunching, tearing or screaming at either. If you know the secret.  Of course you have to buy it first. And incidentally, once you’ve solved the pencil puzzle, there are 22 more inside.

Tricky Optical Illusion Puzzles, 2001

Description: The longer you look, the more you get fooled. That’s the excitement of optical illusion puzzles – especially when they are as colorful as these. Coins rearrange themselves. Pictures disappear and reappear. Your eyes are deceived, and you must figure out how; fortunately, your mind is as sharper than your gaze. Start looking, get smart, and have fun. Eighty-two puzzles in all.

Puzzles from Catel’s Cabinet & Bestelmeier’s Magazine 1785 to 1823, 1997

David Singmaster wrote in the Introduction: “The catalogue of Bestelmeier was well known to puzzle historians as the earliest extant sales catalogue including puzzles. In 1994 when I made a visit to The Deutsches Museum library and found that they had a copy of Catel, I immediately realized that it was the predecessor of Bestelmeier. Slocum and Gebhardt have now produced this English translation of the puzzle material and parts of the Introductions, etc., of both catalogues in order to make this material accessible to the modern world. I think you will be as delighted with it as we have been.”

Directory of Puzzle Collectors & Puzzle Sellers 5th Edition, 2003

The 180-page Directory contains 483 collectors of mechanical puzzles from 40 countries, 204 retail stores in 24 countries that sell puzzles and 135 mail order and wholesale puzzle sellers as well as Internet Puzzle Sites and Puzzle Periodicals.

Checkerboard Compendium 3rd Edition, 1997

The Compendium contains 376 Checkerboard puzzles, with from five to twenty-six pieces, and their solutions in 270 pages. The dates that many of the puzzles were first produced are included, along with patent and trademark information. A list of references and indices of the puzzles, inventors, manufacturers and distributors are also included.